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PLESSEX - Replacement of NAMFI’s safety radars extractor/trackers & display system

SSA S.A. in a Consortium formation with HM ARZENAL of Hungary, participated successfully, in the implementation of a NATO funded project related with the receiver/extractor/tracker and display system replacement of all NAMFI’s safety radars (watchman and AR-51) initially manufactured by BAe, as well as its integration to the respective control and operational centers.

The respective project where its first phase was completed at the beginning of the year 2016, in the amount of 4,3 M €, included specifically the study, design, manufacture, replacement, commissioning and delivery of radar receiver/extractor/tracker and display consoles for a total of five radar sites, combining the respective SSR data collected and transfer of the appropriate data in standard NATO protocols (RDIF, RIS, ASTERIX, in progress AWCIES) to the relevant Control and Reporting centers through specialized software.




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